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likeMagic – Comprehensive data driven user-centric digital hospitality platform initially developed for the award-winning hotel brand Stay KooooK is available as a white label solution to you.

It’s not imagination, it’s likeMagic

Guests enjoy a seamless end-to-end personalized digital guest journey via their mobile WebApp from booking, check-in, staying as well as check-out.

Employees proactively support & communicate with their guest on their digital journey from an intuitive customer servicing platform. This is a one-stop-shop solution for the majority of their work trained in only 4 hours.

As an owner you are provided with holistic guest profiles as well as operations data to steer your business in an efficient way and generate revenue.

A seamless data driven solution uniquely tailored to your business

Imagine the whole of your guests digital journey in one place

One central solution for guest, employees and operators

Seamless digital end to end guest experience. Enables personalised offers.

Efficient processes, intuitive support for employees to help their guests in a proactive way on their digital journey.

Guest profiles as well as operations data to steer the business in an efficient way.

Seamless digital end to end guest experience. Enables personalised offers.

Efficient processes, intuitive support for employees to help their guests in a proactive way on their digital journey.

Guest profiles as well as operations data to steer the business in an efficient way.

24/7 management and operations of the digital platform

Case Study 

Stay Kooook 

We help you transform

We set-up the entire solution, train your employees & operate likeMagic.


One solution from One provider at One price per room per month.


Leaving you to get on with what you love - care for your guests needs.

Guest Perspective

Time Savings

No more lengthy hotel processes (e.g.: queues for check-in), guests save up to 70% of time over the entire guest journey.

Decision-Making Power

Guests decide through the digital journey when they want to do what, and we support them in this.

Personalized Experience

Data-driven and personalized communication and content during the journey provide an individualized experience.

Relevant Content

Guests benefit from exclusive offers and tips, such as: pop-up shops or the best restaurants in town that suit them.

AI driven guest profiling

Based on our state-of-the-art Machine Learning technology we can provide you with a holistic view of your Guests & can identify them as individuals. We provide you with holistic guest profiles incl. both transaction & behaviour data in a fully GDPR compliant way. This allows you to provide superior digital guest experience incl. personalised offers.

One click checkin for returning Guests
Personalised offers
And more...

Imagine everything at your finger tips as if

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Just as digital photography once replaced its predecessors, likeMagic is becoming a game changer in the hotel industry. The two success factors: On the one hand, the user experience is aimed equally at guests and operators, which represents a completely new approach. On the other hand, the SV Group provides the necessary reputation and power, especially since likeMagic is used on SV's own hotel product "Stay Kooook". The interest in continuous further development is therefore intrinsically manifested - the best possible starting point for us as a partner of the first hour.

Domenic Zembrod

Fred Tschanz Gastgewerbe

There is clearly a need for what MAGIC has to offer owners and operators in the hospitality real estate space. The industry is searching for solutions which can optimize operations and give a seamless and engaging customer experience, in order to drive profitability and drive loyalty and direct bookings. MAGIC has the power to achieve these objectives and is a very viable proven solution.

I have recommended MAGIC to my trusted industry relationships and have only done so, because I believe in the potential MAGIC has to offer.

Jonathan Humphries

Chairman & Founder

likeMagic has positively surprised us with its approach in several respects. likeMagic really thinks hospitality in a new way. We were particularly convinced by the approach of proactively managing the guest journey instead of reacting to events as they occur. likeMagic is also breaking new ground technically, building on open platforms such as apaleo and creating a new experience not only for the guest but also for hotel staff. While many are still talking about the transformation to the cloud, likeMagic is already successful in linking best-of-breed elements to new innovative tech stacks. 

Philip von Ditfurth



Employee Perspective

Efficiency Increase

Intuitive one-stop-solution for employees (only 4 hours training needed) increases productivity in operations by approx. 30%.

Cost Savings

The digitalization of processes allows personnel savings of approx. 40-50%.


Through the innovative platform, all (highly critical) business processes are specifically orchestrated and constantly monitored. This allows to deliver high quality.

Device independent – employees choose the most convenient one.

Customer Experience Awards Winners 2022

Not likeMagic

Many good digital hospitality solutions but fragmented in terms of processes and data


One Solution from One Provider – full process & data ownership

Change The Game

We anticipate our customers’ needs and are not afraid to radically change the way hospitality works.

We Before Me

We value and trust each other and love working together towards our common goal. Respect for and helping each other is the foundation of our actions.

Full Speed Ahead

We innovate with and for our clients in a fast paced and user-centric way.

No Bullshit

Our focus is laser-sharp. We address problems directly, communicate frankly and do whatever it takes to make our stakeholders happy.

Only Excellence

We don’t compromise on quality.

About Us

LikeMagic, a corporate venture from SV Group ( – the leading gastronomy and hotel group in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Our Values

Markus Feller

CEO & Head of Sales

Kevin Cocco

Head of Product

Birk Isslinger

Head of Client Success

Cyril Gabathuler

Head of Engineering

Robert Blust

Head of Technology


Current System Landscape


a corporate venture of SV Group

Wallisellenstrasse 57

8600 Dübendorf

Zurich, Switzerland

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